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General availability: Better integration between Azure Monitor and Grafana

Published date: July 21, 2021

Grafana is a very popular open-source visualization and analytics software, allowing you to query, visualize, and explore various metrics form multiple data sources in one place. We have recently made some updates to the Azure Monitor plugin for Grafana to enable additional data sources and easier authentication using managed identity.

Below are the details of the new enhancements:

Azure Resource Graph in Grafana's Azure Monitor data source

Azure Resource Graph (ARG) is a service in Azure that lets you query at scale across a given set of subscriptions so that you can effectively govern your environment. With Grafana 8.0, Azure monitor data source now supports querying ARG.

Read the Tech community update blog and Grafana Azure Monitor plugin documentation to learn more.

Managed Identity in now supported for Azure hosted Grafana and Azure Monitor data source

Customers who host Grafana in Azure (e.g., App Service, Azure Virtual Machines) and have managed identity enabled on their VM, will now be able to use the managed identity to configure Azure Monitor in Grafana. This will simplify the data source configuration, requiring the data source to be securely authenticated without having to manually configure credentials via Azure AD App Registrations for each data source. Learn more about managed identities in Azure documentation.

Read the Tech community update blog and Grafana Azure Monitor plugin documentation to learn more.

Deep links to Azure Portal for Metrics from Grafana

We have enabled easy exploration of Azure monitor metrics from Grafana to Azure portal. Now when a user clicks on the query result of metrics in Grafana, they will see a context menu with a link to View in Azure Portal. Selecting it takes them to the corresponding chart in the Azure portal Metrics Explorer.

Read the Tech community update blog to learn more.

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