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General availability: Audit Logs of Azure Monitor log queries

Published date: December 01, 2021

Azure Monitor logs allows you to collect data across your entire ecosystem including application and OS level telemetry, security logs, network logs, diagnostic logs from Azure resources, and custom logs. All this data can be queried with the powerful KQL query language to gain deep insights across patterns, correlations, and more.

Today, we are announcing the ability to audit Azure Monitor log queries is generally available. When enabled through the Azure Diagnostics mechanism, you will be able to collect telemetry about who ran a query, when the query was run, what tool was used to run the query, the query text, and performance stats around the query execution. This telemetry, as with any other Azure Diagnostics-based telemetry, can be sent to an Azure Storage Blob, Azure Event Hub, or into Azure Monitor logs.

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