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Redis Enterprise features on Azure Cache for Redis coming soon

Közzététel dátuma: szeptember 22, 2020

New features will be coming soon in preview for Azure Cache for Redis through a collaboration with Redis Labs. They will be showcased in two new tiers: Enterprise and Enterprise Flash.

  • The Enterprise tier will feature three Redis Modules and will include functionality that enables new use-cases.
    • RediSearch will add a powerful search and indexing engine that can rapidly execute complex searches that are optimized to the Redis infrastructure.
    • RedisBloom will provide new data structures that enable data analytics and probabilistic analysis use-cases through bloom and cuckoo filters plus count-min-sketch and TopK algorithms.
    • RedisTimeSeries will enhance the ability of Redis to be used with time-series data in IoT, streaming, and telemetry use-cases.
  • The Enterprise Flash tier supports running Azure Cache for Redis on high-speed nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) flash storage. In this configuration, you can gain up to ten times larger cache sizes at a lower price per GB, all with minimal performance degradation.

Both tiers will include enhanced availability with uptime increasing to up to 99.99 percent.

Learn more about Azure Cache for Redis and sign up to be notified when the preview is available.

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