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Public preview: Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise

Published date: February 24, 2022

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise represents our continued collaboration with VMware to combine Microsoft’s cloud platform expertise with VMware’s innovative Tanzu portfolio. We’re also committed to making it an application platform where you can deploy polyglot applications that are inherently portable across any Azure service, any cloud, or any on-premises system. With Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise in public preview, you can:

  • Deploy and manage Spring and polyglot applications with VMware Tanzu Build Service and buildpacks.
  • Effortlessly route client requests to applications using the fully managed Spring Cloud Gateway for VMware Tanzu and API portal for VMware Tanzu.
  • Choose fully managed VMware Tanzu components during Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise instance creation, including Tanzu Build Service, Spring Cloud Gateway for Tanzu, API portal for VMware Tanzu, application configuration service for VMware Tanzu, and VMware Tanzu service registry.
  • Unlock Spring’s full potential with long term support (LTS) through the VMware Spring runtime support entitlement.
  • Leverage the power of the Azure ecosystem for automation, monitoring, integration, security, and more, including new integrations with Elastic, New Relic, Dynatrace, and AppDynamics.

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