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New App Service Integration with Azure Monitor (preview)

Published date: November 04, 2019

Authors : Yutang Lin, Jason Freeberg

We are happy to announce that App Service has new and improved integration with Azure Monitor. You can now send your logs from Windows or Linux App Service to Storage Accounts, Event Hubs, or Log Analytics. This feature is now in public preview.

Increased visibility into your web apps

Azure Monitor is the central observability service to collect, analyze, and act on telemetry from your other Azure resources. You can use Azure Monitor to set up rule-based alerts, create dashboards, export to third-party services with Event Hubs, or archive logs and metrics for compliance needs.

App Service’s improved integration with Monitor enables new observability scenarios for development and operations teams. Developers can set up automatic emails with full stack traces when an exception is thrown. Operations teams can create dashboards to view the overall performance and stability of their applications. Compliance teams can monitor login attempts and file changes.

Six brand new log types

App Service now outputs the following log types into Azure Monitor.

  • AppServiceConsoleLogs: Any logs or output written to the console (also known as standard output or standard error)
  • AppServiceHTTPLogs: Access logs from the web server (IIS for Windows web apps, Nginx for Linux)
  • AppServiceEnvironmentPlatformLogs: Logs for visibility into ASE operations such as scaling, configuration changes, and status
  • AppServiceAuditLogs: Logs for any user login via FTP or Kudu
  • AppServiceFileAuditLogs: Logs for file changes (add, delete, or update) via FTP or Kudu
  • AppServiceAppLogs: Any logs or exceptions written to the stack’s logging utility. Supports multi-line logs and exceptions

The table below shows the current availability for the log categories.

Log NameWindowsLinux
AppServiceAppLogsTBA✔️ *

  * Supported on Java SE and Tomcat

Learn More

App Service quickstart tutorial

For any feedback, please reach out by creating an entry on the developer forums.

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