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Generally available: JetStream DR for AVS supports Azure NetApp Files datastores

Published date: August 18, 2022

Disaster Recovery to cloud is a resilient and cost-effective way of protecting the workloads against site outages and data corruption events like ransomware. Leveraging the VMware VAIO framework, on-premise VMware workloads can be replicated to Azure Blob storage and recovered with minimal or close to no data loss and near-zero recovery time objective (RTO). JetStream Disaster Recovert (DR) can seamlessly recover workloads replicated from on-premises to Azure VMware Solution. JetStream DR enables cost-effective disaster recovery by consuming minimal resources at the disaster recovery site as well as using cost-effective cloud storage.

JetStream DR can also replicate and automate recovery to Azure NetApp Files datastores. It can recover independent VMs or groups of related VMs into the recovery site infrastructure according to runbook settings. It also provides point-in-time recovery for ransomware protection.

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