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View changes at-scale with Application Change Analysis now in public preview

Published date: January 05, 2021

Application Change Analysis now has a new UI to show changes in all Azure resources under selected subscriptions. The previous version of the UI showed only limited number of change entries per page and we had no way to filter out noisy entries such as resources with zero changes. We received strong feedback that the limitation blocked managing multiple resources and viewing changes at scale. For example, you may have to monitor more than 100 VMs under multiple Azure subscriptions and it is highly inconvenient to go through 10 resources per page and look for suspicious changes. The new UI supports querying and loading for changes at-scale, so you can filter by resource type, change detection time, and view all changes in one single page. This experience is currently enabled for a subset of randomly selected Azure subscriptions, but you can try it out using this feature flag

Please send feedback from the in-product link and let us know how the new experience works for you.

Application Change Analysis new UI

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