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Generally available: Azure Data Explorer Inline script deployment with ARM Template

Published date: April 05, 2022

It is now easier than ever to build an entire Azure Data Explorer environment with a single tool: ARM template.

From a single ARM Template we can now deploy schema entities (e.g. tables, functions, policies) without the usage of an external storage account.

This enables end-to-end deployment of Azure Data Explorer solutions to build new environment from scratch or update existing ones incrementally (e.g. CI/CD).

{ "type": "Microsoft.Kusto/Clusters/Databases/Scripts", "apiVersion": "2022-02-01", "name": "myScript", "properties": { "scriptContent": ".create table Simple(Id:int)\n\n.create table Simple2(Name:string)" }}

Using Bicep ARM Template makes it easy to maintain KQL scripts in separate files:

resource perfTestDbs 'Microsoft.Kusto/clusters/databases/scripts@2022-02-01' = { name: 'myScript' properties: { scriptContent: loadTextContent('script.kql') }}

Learn about it in the Online documentation and Blog post.

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