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Troubleshoot network issues faster with Azure Monitor

Published date: November 04, 2019

Monitoring a typical cloud network containing application gateways, VPN connections, and virtual networks,   is a time-consuming activity. To troubleshoot an issue, you need to know the specific networking resources that support your application and scan for the health of these resources across multiple subscriptions and resource groups.  

The network insights feature (in preview) in Azure Monitor provides a single dashboard that gives you visibility into network topology, dependencies, health, and other key metrics for related network resources. The insights are derived from data that’s available in Azure Monitor today, so no additional setup or configuration is required. With the network insights feature, you have visibility into the health of your network across all of your subscriptions. Intuitive search and detailed topology maps enable faster drilldowns, help localization of networking issues, and suggest remediation, all in a matter of minutes. Learn more about Network Insights.

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