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Support for Azure API Management self-hosted gateway version 0 and version 1 ends 1 October 2023

Published date: September 30, 2022

Support for Azure API Management self-hosted gateway version 0 and version 1 ends 1 October 2023.

Version 2 of the self-hosted gateway is already available, and includes the following improvements:

  • A new configuration API that removes the dependency on Azure Storage, unless you're using API inspector or quotas.
  • We have introduced new container images, and new container image tags to let you choose the best way to try our gateway and deploy it in production.

If you're using version 1 and/or version 0 of the self-hosted gateway, you'll need to manually migrate both the components, container image and configuration API. Migrate your v0/v1 container images to the newest v2 image and switch the v0/v1 configuration API to the v2 configuration API.

From now through 1 October 2023, if you have existing self-hosted gateways deployment using version 0 and/or version 1, you can continue to use it normally. You can transition to your existent version 0 and/or version 1 container image and configuration API to version 2 at any point prior to 1 October 2023. After that date, the configuration API for version 0 and version 1 won't be available.

Required action

Migrate all your existing deployments of the self-hosted gateway using versions 0 and/or 1 to the newest v2 self-hosted gateway by 1 October 2023.

You can follow our migration guide for a successful migration.

After 1 October 2023, both the components of version 0 and version 1 self-hosted gateway will not be supported; i.e version 0 and version 1 of the configuration endpoint API won't be available, and version 0 and version 1 container images of the self-hosted gateway won't be supported.

Help and support

If you have questions, get answers from community experts in Microsoft Q&A. If you have a support plan and you need technical help, create a support request:

  1. For Issue type, select Technical.
  2. For Subscription, select your subscription.
  3. For Service, click My services, then select API Management Service.
  4. For Resource, select the Azure resource that you are creating a support request for.
  5. For Summary, type a description of your issue, e.g., "v1/v0 retirement."
  6. For Problem type, select Self-Hosted Gateway.
  7. For Problem subtype, select Administration, Configuration and Deployment.
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