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Expanding extensibility model to Pulumi in Azure Deployment Environments

Published date: May 21, 2024

Azure Deployment Environments now delivers more seamless experience to customers, enabling them to leverage popular Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) frameworks quickly and easily with its extensibility model and perform or customize deployments based on their organizational needs. These capabilities give development teams more control to customize environment templates for their team-specific needs and provide platform engineers with additional ways to build templates in their preferred IaC format. Additional updates include:

  • Support for Pulumi through its new extensibility model: In addition to being able to use Arm, Bicep and Terraform already, customers can now easily perform deployments using Pulumi, another popular IaC framework Customers can build their own container image by leveraging the published guidance or directly leverage the sample container image published for Pulumi. This is in preview.
  • Project-based catalogs: Platform engineers can now provide project-specific templates or enable dev teams to directly customize the templates used to self-serve application infrastructure. This is in preview.
  • Quick-start template: Platform engineers can now deploy and configure Azure Deployment Environments with a single click deployment using the quick-start template. This is generally available.

Learn more by reading the Azure Deployment Environments’ Build blog.

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