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Private Preview: Regional Disaster Recovery by Azure Backup for AKS

Published date: October 11, 2023

Azure Backup for AKS enables customers to protect their containerized workloads along with application data deployed on AKS clusters. The solution allows you to configure scheduled backups of your AKS clusters and restore them in same or alternate cluster in the scenarios like Operational Recovery, Accidental Deletion and Application Migration. Customers are also looking to utilize their AKS backups to recover application during a regional disaster recovery and also follow industry-wide best practice of 3-2-1 backup strategy.

 With this intent, Azure Backup service is announcing private preview of AKS Backup - Regional Disaster Recovery Capability. Using this feature you can

  • Recover AKS cluster from your backups in a secondary region as an Azure Paired Region in case of a regional disaster.
  • Store Backup Copy offsite i.e. a Vault Store as per 3-2-1 backup strategy and have ability to restore in case your tenant gets compromised.
  • Retain data for a long duration for compliance purposes in regulated industries.

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