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IoT Plug and Play new features now in public preview

Published date: July 29, 2020

IoT Plug and Play is an open approach based on open language to simplify IoT solution development. It enables seamless device to cloud solution integration experience, without writing embedded device code. IoT Plug and Play allows IoT devices to describe their capabilities in a ‘device capability model’ and present it when connecting to cloud solutions like Azure IoT Central and 3rd party solutions from partners, which can automatically understand the device and start interacting with it.

New IoT Plug and Play features will:

Simplify: process to make IoT device, IoT Plug and Play enable by allowing existing devices to author the model and do targeted code changes and making existing Azure IoT SDKs fully compatible with IoT Plug and Play.

Better integration with Azure IoT offerings (e.g.: Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Digital Twins, Azure Time Series Insight) and 3rd part cloud offerings by moving towards convention approach, aligning IoT Plug and Play with Digital Twins Definition Language.

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