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General availability: Scale improvements and metrics enhancements on Azure’s regional WAF

Published date: February 27, 2023

You can now do more with less using the increased scale limits for Azure’s regional Web Application Firewall (WAF) running on Application Gateway. These increased scale limits allow you greater flexibility, and scale, when configuring your WAF to meet the needs of your applications and network. Application Gateway v2 WAF enabled SKUs running Core Rule Set (CRS) 3.2 or higher now supports a higher number of frontend ports, HTTP load-balancing rules, backend HTTP settings, SSL certificates, number of sites, and redirect configurations. The regional WAF also increased the number of HTTP listeners from 40 to 200.

You can read more about the next generation WAF engine that makes this possible, and get a full list of the supported scale limits for Application Gateways running WAF.

You can leverage the new metrics for Azure’s regional v2 WAF when you use CRS 3.2 or higher, or if your WAF has bot protection and geo-filtering enabled. The regional WAF now allows you to filter the metrics total requests, managed rule matches, custom rule matches, and bot protection matches by the dimensions policy name, policy scope and ruleset name, in addition to the already existing dimensions that the WAF supports.

You can read more about the metrics and dimensions supported by the regional WAF running on Application Gateway to make sure you’re getting the most out of your reporting.

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