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General availability: Azure IoT Central new and updated features—May 2021

Published date: June 15, 2021

Built-in JSON editor for device modeling

Modify your device model’s DTDL from within your app using the new JSON editor. From the device template experience, select Edit DTDL. The code editor lets you see in-line JSON syntax errors and review your edits with highlighted changes.

JSON Editor


Command request and response on Raw Data view

The Raw Data view now includes command request and response data exchanged with your devices. This includes the payloads exchanged with the device during the last 7 days.

External content dashboard tile

Use the External Content tile to add external content to dashboards. The tile uses an HTML iframe to load content from a source outside of IoT Central.

Analytics query persistence

Your app now remembers analytics query definitions across sessions so you don’t need to rebuild your queries if you navigate away from the page.

CDE - Data source parity with CDE v1

You can now configure your data export to send device lifecycle events only for provisioned devices, or only for enabled devices. You can now add enrichments containing the device's provisioned and enabled states. Use these new filters to further narrow down your exported data.

IoT Central Documentation

The device template versioning guidance has been updated, and we've added more samples to the samples browser.

Device development best practices and failover testing

Best practices for device development describes how to take advantage of built-in disaster recovery and automatic scaling, including testing with the az iot central device manual-failover and az iot central device manual-failback CLI commands. Failover capabilities are included automatically in applications created since April 2021 and will be added to pre-existing applications.

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