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Improvements to Azure Monitor log alerts include new links and added dimensions

Published date: June 23, 2020

Updates to log alerts in Azure Monitor include new links to the Log Analytics API and links filtered by dimensions. Dimensions are also now included in the payload of most action types.

Improved fired alert links

  • Direct links to the Log Analytics API
    New automation makes it easier to get all the query results for any size of search results.
  • Filtered links to the Log Analytics portal and API
    Using the splitting that was defined in the metric measure rule type, the link is filtered to the specific column value combinations that triggered the alert.
  • Links to the Log Analytics portal are now compressed
    This fixes issues with links to very large queries in some browsers.

Learn more about the new fired alert parameters

Dimensions in fired alerts

We now expose value combinations of dimensions that caused the metric measurement alert type to fire, allowing you to discover the cause faster, without needing to use the search results.


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