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Support for Connector for AWS in Cost Management is ending on 31 March 2025

Published date: March 22, 2024

The Connector for AWS, once built to consolidate Microsoft Azure and AWS cloud cost data in Microsoft Cost Management, will be retired on 31 March 2025. We encourage you to consider an alternative solution, prior to the retirement date, so that you can complete your transition on time. 
The ability to add a new Connector for AWS in Cost Management will be disabled for all customers on 31 March 2024. On 31 March 2025 access to the Connector for AWS and to cost reports containing AWS data will be lost. In addition, all the AWS cost data stored in Microsoft Cost Management will be deleted. Please note that we won’t be deleting the Cost and Usage Report (CUR) files you stored in your S3 bucket in the AWS console

Required action 

Please transition to your choice of alternative cost management reporting for AWS and follow our instructions to delete your Connector to AWS in the Azure Portal. 

Help and support 

If you have questions, get answers from community experts in Microsoft Q&A.  If you have a support plan and you need help, create a support request.   

  1. For Issue type, select Billing.   

  1. For Subscription, select your subscription.   

  1. For Summary, type a description of your issue.   

  1. For Problem type, select Cost Management 

  2. For Problem subtype, select Need assistance with AWS connector issue or I see unexpected AWS costs 

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