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Azure File shares snapshot management by Azure Backup is now generally available

Published date: April 29, 2020

For users of Azure Files, share snapshots have offered a read-only version of file shares from a previous point in time. Although customers can simply use these share snapshots to go back in time, managing snapshots using scripts or automation is a labour-intensive process. Microsoft Azure Backup offers a simple and reliable way to backup and protect Azure Files using share snapshots.

Today, we are announcing the general availability of snapshot management for Azure Files by Azure Backup. Apart from being available natively in the cloud, Azure Backup offers significant benefits while protecting file shares using Recovery Services vault.

Azure Backup offers simple configuration and a zero-Infrastructure solution to protect your file shares. It also offers flexible backup policies with the ability to create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly snapshots and retain them for up to 10 years. You can restore full shares or individual files and folders across multiple options. Most importantly, Azure Backup offers protection against accidental deletion of individual files and folders as well as storage accounts. We are already working on protecting customers from deletion of file shares and snapshots.

Start protecting your file shares by using the Recovery Services vaults in your region. For the list of supported regions, please refer to the support matrix. The backup goal option in the vault overview will let you choose Azure file shares to back up from storage accounts in your region. You can refer to our documentation for more details.

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