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Public Preview: Redis extension for Azure Functions

Published date: June 13, 2023

Redis extension for Azure Functions to create optimized serverless and event-driven architectures is now available in public preview. The Redis extension can be used as a trigger in Azure Functions, allowing Redis to initiate a serverless workflow. This functionality can be highly useful in data architectures like a write-behind cache, or any event-based architectures. Customers can trigger an Azure Function on various Redis data types, including pub/sub channels, lists, and streams, as well as keyspace and keyevent notifications. This allows for automatic write-behind or write-through caching, where new cache values are automatically written to a backing database, or cache consistency with a database or storage account is ensured by triggering updates when a key expires or is updated. This update expands the possibilities of serverless architectures and allows for greater flexibility and scalability in app development. 

For more info: Using Azure Functions | Microsoft Learn

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