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Public preview: Azure resource topology

Published date: October 12, 2022

Azure resource topology allows visualizing the resources in a network, acquire system context, understand state and debug issues faster. It provides a visualized connected experience for inventory management and monitoring. 

This unified topology leads to upgrading the network monitoring and management experience in Azure. Replacing the Network Watcher topology, this topology will allow the users to draw a unified and dynamic topology across multiple subscription, regions, and resource groups (RGs) comprising of multiple resources.

Allowing deep dive into your environment, resource topology provides the capability for users to drill down from regions, VNETs to subnets, and resource view diagram of resources supported in Azure. It also stitches the end-to-end monitoring and diagnostics story with the capability to run next hop directly from a VM selected in the topology after specifying the destination IP address.

Selecting a resource in the topology highlights the node and all other nodes/resources connected to it via edges. These edges define the connections among regions which can be done through VNET peering, VNET Gateways, etc. The side pane shows extensive resource details and properties for selected node/resource. 

Features available in public preview:  

  • Multi-region and multi-subscription visualization  
  • Drilldown from Azure region to resources inside subnet
  • Side-panel showing resource properties and metrics 
  • Highlighting of nodes connected to a selected resource  
  • Automatic grouping of resources of the same type   
  • Side-by-side visualization of two regions/VNETs/Subnets  
  • Search based on resource name   
  • Scope selector based on subscription and resource-type filtering  
  • Health status of resources using resource health (RHC) status
  • Diagnostics tool next hop integration.
  • Resource view diagram for all supported resources 

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