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Public Preview: Azure NetApp Files support for 2TiB capacity pools 

Published date: February 22, 2023

You can now choose a minimum size of 2TiB while creating a capacity pool. Capacity pools smaller than 4TiB in size can only be used with volumes using standard network features. This public preview of Azure NetApp Files capacity pool enhancement provides a more cost effective solution for running workloads such as SAP shared files and VDI which require lower capacity pool sizes for their capacity and performance needs. When you have less than 4 TiB capacity with proportional performance requirements, itallows customers to start with 2TiB as a minimum pool size and increase with 1 TiB increments. For capacity needs less than 4 TiB, this feature helps save money by allowing to re-evaluate volume planning to take advantage of savings of smaller capacity pools. This feature is supported in all regions with standard network features

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