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ISO Certification expanded to include more Azure services

Fecha de publicación: 16 enero, 2014
Azure has successfully completed its annual ISO audit. In addition to Cloud Services, Storage, Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks, the scope of the audit increased to include SQL Database, Active Directory, Traffic Manager, Web Sites, BizTalk Services, Media Services, Mobile Services, Service Bus, Multi-Factor Authentication, and HDInsight. Visit the Trust Center for a full list.
  • Id. de Microsoft Entra (anteriormente Azure AD)
  • App Service
  • BizTalk Services
  • Cloud Services
  • HDInsight
  • Media Services
  • Mobile Services
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Service Bus
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Cuentas de almacenamiento
  • Traffic Manager
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Network
  • Compliance