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Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 access control list recursive update in public preview

Published date: August 27, 2020

The ability to recursively propagate access control list (ACL) changes from a parent directory to its existing child items for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 is now available in public preview. This public preview is available globally in all Azure regions, through PowerShell, .NET SDK, and Python SDK. 

ACL inheritance is already available for new child items created under a parent directory for ADLS Gen2. You will now also be able to add, update, and remove ACLs recursively for existing child items for a parent directory without having to make changes individually for each child item. This process of applying ACL changes recursively also includes error tracking. You can resume the recursive ACL process from the point of failure and will not need to reprocess already successful files and folders. This capability makes it easier to apply ACL changes for large directory hierarchies for ADLS Gen2 with existing setup of ACLs for fine-grained access.

Get started with our preview documentation for more information on guidelines, packages, samples and providing feedback. We look forward to your feedback on this feature.  

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