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RosettaNet connector and standard support is now in preview

Published date: May 06, 2019

RosettaNet is a non-profit consortium that has established standard process for sharing business information. These standards are widespread in semiconductor, electronics and logistics industry and commonly used for supply chain processes. The RosettaNet consortium creates and maintains Partner Interface Processes (PIPs) to provide common business-process definitions for all RosettaNet message exchanges. RosettaNet is based on XML and defines message guidelines, interfaces for business processes, and implementation frameworks for interaction between companies. 

Logic Apps provides the ability to send and receive RosettaNet based messages through RosettaNet connector, which supports the operations to decode or receive and encode or send messages.  These messages include both action and signal or acknowledgement messages. The connector handles generation of Notification of Failure based on the PIP configurations. The connector also supports: 

  •  RNIF specification 2.00.01, including action, signal, encryption and signing. 
  •   All PIPs defined by RNIF 2.00.01.
  •  Synchronous and asynchronous messages. 

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