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Public Preview: Custom NFSv4.1 ID Domain in Azure NetApp Files

Published date: August 17, 2023

To harmonize the authentication ID Domain settings in your NFSv4.1 environment, you can now configure a custom NFSv4.1 ID Domain in Azure NetApp Files for non-LDAP volumes. The ID Domain is set for all non-LDAP volumes in the same region and subscription, and can co-exist in environments with LDAP-enabled volumes. Once the ID Domain on Azure NetApp Files matches your NFSv4.1 clients, ‘root’ and non-root users will no longer be squashed to ‘nobody’. This setting helps either prepare for a future implementation of LDAP with Active Directory in the future by enabling the use of the same authentication ID Domain across all NFSv4.1 clients, or just ensures scripts and software installation routines that use ‘root’ can modify files on NFSv4.1 volumes correctly.

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Configure NFSv4.1 ID Domain

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