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Public Preview: Azure Monitor OpenTelemetry Distro for ASP.NET Core, JavaScript (Node.js), Python

Published date: May 10, 2023

Azure Monitor is a cloud native observability offering which enables customers to monitor and resolve issues impacting their infrastructure and application. Microsoft has been a leader in open-source instrumentation within the OpenTelemetry Community, and we are on a mission to enable our customers to power Azure Monitor with industry standard APIs, SDKs, Exporters, and Protocols.

The Public Preview release of the OpenTelemetry Distro for ASP.NET Core, JavaScript (Node.js), and Python is open and extensible, built with OpenTelemetry components, and includes a thin wrapper to reduce onboarding steps, and you get a first-class experience on Azure. With OpenTelemetry’s rich set of instrumentations, you can now collect telemetry from more frameworks than before and send it to Azure Monitor. Alongside Azure Monitor, you have the option to send your telemetry directly from your app to any destination you want.

This release introduces several new features:

  • One line of code to initialize with default configurations for a first-class experience on Azure
  • Logging Support (to add to existing Metrics and Distributed Tracing support)
  • Supported Instrumentations bundled in for out-of-box auto-collection
  • Azure Active Directory (AAD) Authentication
  • Stitches together complete observability alongside services using the Application Insights SDKs

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