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Public Preview: Azure Communication Services Job Router

Published date: September 27, 2023

Azure Communication Services Job Router is now available in public preview, simplifying the development of routing capablities for inbound customer communications so businesses can focus on what matters most, delivering effective and efficient customer experiences.  

Azure Communication Services Job Router acts as a matchmaker, intelligently queueing and steering inbound customer communications, or "jobs", to the most suitable point of contact in a business based on a mix of pre-defined and runtime rules and policies. Whether it is an agent in a contact center with a specific skill set, or an automated service designed to manage routine inquiries, Job Router ensures that every inquiry is pointed to the most appropriate resource available.

Here are examples of the routing rules that can be created with Azure Communication Services Job Router: 

  • Skills-based routing 
  • Priority (label)-based routing 
  • Source-based routing 
  • Percentage-based routing 
  • Time-based routing 
  • Longest idle routing 
  • Least occupied agent routing 
  • Round Robin 

Job Router Overview  

QuickStart - Submit a Job for queuing and routing  


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