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General availability: Application Gateway for Containers

Published date: February 27, 2024

Application Gateway for Containers is now generally available.

Application Gateway for Containers is the next evolution of Application Gateway + Application Gateway Ingress Controller, providing application (layer 7) load balancing and dynamic traffic management capabilities for workloads running in a Kubernetes cluster.  Application Gateway for Containers achieves near-to-real-time convergence times to reflect add/remove of pods, routes, probes, and other load balancing configuration within Kubernetes yaml configuration.

In addition to the numerous improvements announced at public preview, general availability brings several new additions:

  1. Features - Public preview and GA has added support for Custom Health Probes, URL Redirect, URL / Header Rewrite.
  2. Controller High Availability – Have peace of mind if a node goes down, changes within your cluster will continue to be propagated to the network.
  3. Gateway API v1 – Bring the familiarity and role based access control provided by Gateway API to your network configuration.
  4. Additional Region Availability – Take advantage of Application Gateway for Containers in a region closest to you.
  5. SLA for Production Workloads – Feel confident in running your production workloads with Application Gateway for Containers.

Learn more about Application Gateway for Containers.

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