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Public Preview - Backup for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Published date: March 15, 2023

 Organizations using Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) are increasingly running stateful applications on their clusters, deploying workloads like Apache Kafka based messaging queues and databases like Postgres and MongoDB. With data being stored inside the cluster, backup and restore becomes a top concern for IT Managers. Ensuring that Kubernetes backup capabilities are scalable, flexible, and purpose-built for Kubernetes is crucial for an overall data protection plan.

 Azure Backup now supports Backup for AKS, which is available in public preview. This solution simplifies the backup and restore of containerized applications and data. It allows customers to configure scheduled backup for both cluster state and application data, with fine-grained control. Backup for AKS is aligned with the Container Storage Interface (CSI) to offer Kubernetes-aware backup capabilities.

 The solution enables customers to unlock multiple scenarios, like data backups for application security and regulatory requirements, cloning dev/test environments, and rollback management. Customers can use enterprise-grade support and a single pane of glass view from Azure Backup directly within the AKS Portal or via the Backup Centre.

Backup for AKS helps organizations protect their stateful applications and data, mitigating risks of data loss or system downtime. The solution is simple, easy to use, and provides peace of mind for IT Managers responsible for managing stateful applications running on AKS clusters.

To get started with Backup for AKS, visit the Azure documentation, and start protecting your AKS clusters.


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