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Azure Logic Apps Standard VS Code Extension Installation Enhancements in public preview

Published date: November 15, 2023

Azure Logic Apps Standard empowers developers to build workflows locally using a VS Code Extension that closely mirrors the online experience provided within the portal. This enhancement bridges the gap between the development of Azure Logic Apps Standard workflows and the familiar tools and processes that developers and integration specialists are accustomed to. And now, we are simplifying the onboarding process, eliminating a series of prerequisites that were previously required before developers could dive into this experience. 

Currently, in public preview starting from version 2.80.0, the installation process of the VS Code Extension for Azure Logic Apps Standard will be significantly simplified. The extension will automatically identify and install any required dependencies, such as other extensions or frameworks. This will also encompass all the necessary extensions, including the C# extension essential for debugging. 

Furthermore, developers will have the convenience of installing all the required frameworks in a portable binaries folder. With this feature, the extension will be proficient in managing these requirements on your behalf, alleviating the need for manual installation or tracking of individual framework versions supported by Logic Apps. 

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