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Azure updates

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September 2018

Sep 24

Protect data in use with Azure Confidential Computing

Azure Confidential Computing benefits are now available on a new DC series of virtual machines in Azure for preview using Intel SGX chipsets. In addition, Azure is also offering an open source SDK to provide a consistent enclave abstraction experience to build your SGX-based applications.

Sep 24

New GPU enabled NVv2 Azure Virtual Machines for graphics intensive applications

NVv2 Azure Virtual Machines, which have been architected to support remote visualization workloads and other graphics intensive applications, are now available in preview.

Sep 17

General availability: Serial console for Azure VMs

Serial console for Azure VMs is generally available with new features and many bug fixes and improvements.

Sep 5

Filter VM sizes by current or previous generation

With a recent update to the virtual machine size picker, the default filter set will show current-generation virtual machine sizes only.

August 2018

Aug 28

Public preview: Azure Backup for SQL Server on Azure VMs

You can use the Azure Backup service to help protect SQL Server instances running on an Azure VM.

Aug 27

Cross-subscription disaster recovery for Azure virtual machines

Azure Site Recovery supports cross-subscription disaster recovery for virtual machines. You can configure DR for Azure IaaS applications to a different subscription with in the same Azure Active Directory tenant.

July 2018

Jul 25

Name change: End of Dv2-series VMs promotion

The previously announced Dv2-series promotion will expire on September 1, 2018.

June 2018

Jun 4

Standard SSD Disks for Azure Virtual Machines is now in public preview

Azure Standard SSDs are a cost-effective Managed Disk solution optimized for dev-test and entry-level production applications requiring consistent latency.

May 2018

May 19

Enterprise administrators can view reserved instances in the Azure portal

Azure Enterprise Agreement administrators can now see their Azure reservations in the Azure portal.

May 10

GUID Migration: E64i VM series

Effective end of May 2018, resource GUIDs will be updated for the E64i VM series.

April 2018

Apr 16

GUID migration: Linux support

Microsoft and SUSE will implement some name changes to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) VM offers on Azure.

Apr 10

Integration of Azure Backup into VM create experience

You can now enable backup of virtual machines while creating them from the Azure portal.

Apr 10

Azure Backup now supports BEK encrypted Azure virtual machines

Azure Backup now supports backup and restore of Azure virtual machines encrypted using Bitlocker Encryption Key(BEK) for managed or unmanaged disks.

Apr 2

General availability: New regions for Red Hat Update Infrastructure

New regions have been added to the Azure Red Hat Update Infrastructure.

Apr 2

General availability: Azure zone-redundant snapshots and images for managed disks

Azure zone-redundant snapshots and images for Managed Disks are now generally available.

March 2018

Mar 26

Public preview: Virtual machine serial console

Virtual machine serial console is now in public preview. This feature allows bidirectional serial console access to your virtual machine.

Mar 23

General availability: Azure Scheduled Events

Azure Scheduled Events helps you react to maintenance events...before they happen.

Mar 19

Azure portal updates: March 2018

Azure portal updates have been released for managing IaaS resources, including updates to the VM Connect button and networking.

Mar 14

Instance Metadata Service includes support for zones and virtual machine scale sets

Version 2017-12-01 of Instance Metadata Service is available in global Azure regions. It has support for Availability Zones and virtual machine scale sets.

February 2018

Feb 27

General availability: Application consistent backup for Linux VMs by using Azure Backup

We're excited to announce the general availability of application consistent backup for Linux VMs running in Azure by using Azure Backup.