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Azure Disk Storage

Discover a high-performance, highly durable block storage service designed for Azure Virtual Machines
Create and manage disks easily with flexible options to meet your cost and performance needs

Optimize block storage for your workloads

  • Scale your top-tier, data-intensive, high-performance workloads with granular control of capacity and performance.
  • Get enterprise-grade durability with a 0% annual failure rate with redundancy options for managed disks.
  • Optimize costs by choosing disk storage options ranging from 1 GB to 64 TB and tailoring performance to workload needs.
  • Meet security and compliance needs with enhanced encryption, built-in data durability, and role-based access control.

Get storage security and performance at scale

Shared disks

Attach a disk to multiple virtual machines (VMs) simultaneously to streamline app deployment or migration of clustered apps to Azure.

Performance tiers

Tailor throughput, use disk bursting, and select performance tiers to improve performance and cost efficiency.

Built-in security

Secure your data with automatic server-side encryption using platform-managed keys or, optionally, customer-managed keys.

Incremental snapshots

Minimize downtime, costs, and data loss and ensure business continuity by enabling cross-zone and cross-region disk copy.

Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) disks

Enable disks to tolerate zonal failures, ensuring high VM availability while eliminating data replication across zones.

Backup and disaster recovery

Minimize disruptions, lower costs, and reduce time spent with point-in-time snapshots and solutions.
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Built-in security and compliance  

Microsoft has committed to investing $20 billion in cybersecurity over five years. 
We employ more than 8,500 security and threat intelligence experts across 77 countries. 
Azure has one of the largest compliance certification portfolios in the industry. 
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Get the data disk storage you need at competitive prices

Choose the disk type you need—Ultra Disk Storage, Premium SSD v2, Premium SSD, Standard SSD, or Standard HDD—and use multiple disks with each virtual machine. Lower your total cost of ownership by purchasing disk storage reservations at a discounted rate. Use the pricing calculator to configure and estimate the cost of your disk storage.

See what’s new in Azure Disk Storage

Dive into the future of cloud infrastructure with confidence and stay ahead with Azure’s advanced cloud storage solutions.

Customers are innovating with Azure Disk Storage


  • Data disks on Ultra Disk Storage hold up to 64 TB per disk. Data disks on Premium SSD, Standard SSD, and Standard HDD hold up to 32 TB. The number of data disks you can use depends on the size of the virtual machine.
  • Each of the five disk types differs in performance characteristics, so you can configure your storage based on your workload needs. Learn more
  • After you purchase a reservation, a discount is automatically applied to the disk resources that match the terms of your reservation. The reservation discount applies to disk SKUs only. Learn more about reservation discounts.
  • Bursting is enabled by default on new and existing deployments of the supported virtual machines and disks—no additional steps are required. Learn more about bursting.
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