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Health Bot

A managed service purpose-built for development of virtual healthcare assistants

Build conversational AI experiences for Healthcare

Azure Health Bot empowers developers in healthcare organizations to build and deploy AI-powered, compliant, conversational healthcare experiences at scale. It combines built-in medical database with natural language capabilities to understand clinical terminology and can be easily customized to support your organization's clinical use cases. The service ensures alignment with industry compliance requirements and is privacy protected to HIPAA standards.

Create virtual health assistants with built-in healthcare capabilities such as medical database and triage protocols

Customize to your requirement with healthcare specific configuration options and extensibility tools

Leverage privacy and security mechanisms to align with industry compliance requirements

Authenticate and integrate with EMR data using FHIR data connections to personalize patient flows

Conversational AI for Healthcare

Create health bots using built-in medical knowledge bases, triage protocols and language models trained to understand clinical terminology. Trigger seamless handoff from a bot interaction to a doctor, nurse, or support agent. Leverage a library of industry specific scenario templates to accelerate the creation of healthcare use cases.

Customizable and extensible

Support your organizations custom scenarios with healthcare specific configuration options and extensibility tools. Use visual authoring tools to build and validate your logic and use FHIR data connections to securely integrate with external systems and incorporate patient data from EMRs. Surface your conversational experience through multiple channels such as your website or Microsoft Teams.

Secure and Compliant

Ensure alignment with organizational and industry compliance requirements. Health Bot is compliant with HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO27001, SOC2, GDPR and over 50 global and industry compliance frameworks. Leverage built-in compliance constructs and privacy mechanisms for collecting end user consent, data retention policies, audit trails and conversation timeout.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in. The largest compliance portfolio in the industry

Start with Azure Health Bot for free

Start building your Azure Health Bot for free and switch to a paid plan only when you’re ready to go to production.

The free plan does not expire, and it is perfect for testing out your conversational use cases. Build out and publish a proof of concept to share with stakeholders before going live.

Health Bots on the free plan receive 3,000 messages per month and access to all functionality such as the built-in triage protocols, medical knowledge base and scenario authoring tools for building custom flows.

Azure Health Bot resources and documentation

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Premera Blue Cross improved patient experience through faster response by implementing "Scout", their intelligent virtual health assistant that offers digital services such as checking healthcare claim status, eligibility and health plans on Android and IOS.

Premera Blue Cross

Aurora Health Care is helping patients triage symptoms and locate nearby care centers. Using the built-in triage symptom checker Aurora direct patient to an appropriate care provider based on the triage outcomes.

Aurora Health Care

Quest Diagnostics is improving their patient experience with “Quest Bot” a virtual health assistant that can answer lab and COVID testing related questions, locate nearby test centers based on the patients’ location, and connect them with live agents for further support.

Quest Diagnostics

The CDC is fighting the spread of COVID-19 by providing a public Coronavirus Self-Checker. The CDC health bot “Clara” follows CDC protocols to assess the likelihood of COVID symptoms and has already helped 100s of millions of users.


HUS the largest Healthcare provider in Finland serving over half a million patients annually, surfaced multiple use cases as part of a Virtual Health Village initiative, including an Acne Bot, Varicose vein Bot and bot to help with social issues.


Frequently asked questions about Azure Health Bot

  • The Health Bot service is available in East US and West EU regions.
  • There is a 99.9% uptime SLA for the Health Bot service. Learn more.
  • To get started provision a free instance of Health Bot and build out your first bot with the quick start guide.
  • Health Bot is easily customized to support any type of conversational use case. Health Bot has visual authoring environment and advanced developer tools for incorporating custom scripts and integrating with 3rd party APIs.
  • Health Bot includes multiple credible and clinically validated medical content providers, such as the US National Library of Medicine and Triage protocols from Infermedica. You can also easily incorporate your own medical content sources.
  • Yes, Health Bot has built-in localization tools allowing to easily translate your scenarios to multiple languages. Learn more about localizing your Health Bot instances.

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