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This post was co-authored by Tina Coll, Sr Product Marketing Manager, Azure Cognitive Services.

Innovate at no cost to you, with out-of-the box AI services that are newly available for Azure free account users. Join the 1.3 million developers who have been using Cognitive Services to build AI powered apps to date. With the broadest offering of AI services in the market, Azure Cognitive Services can unlock AI for more scenarios than other cloud providers. Give your apps, websites, and bots the ability to see, understand, and interpret people’s needs — all it takes is an API call — by using natural methods of communication. Businesses in various industries have transformed how they operate using the very same Cognitive Services now available to you with an Azure free account.

Get started with an Azure free account today, and learn more about Cognitive Services.

These examples are just a small handful of what you can make possible with these services:

  • Improve app security with face detection: With Face API, detect and compare human faces. See how Uber uses Face API to authenticate drivers.
  • Automatically extract text and detect languages: Easily and accurately detect the language of any text string, simplifying development processes and allowing you to quickly translate and serve localized content. Learn how Chevron applied Form Recognizer for robotic process automation, quickly extracting text from documents.
  • Personalize your business’ homepage: Use Personalizer to deliver the most relevant content and experiences to each user on your homepage.
  • Develop your own computer vision model in minutes: Use your own images to teach Custom Vision Service the concepts you want it to learn and build your own model. Find out how Minsur, the largest tin mine in the western hemisphere, harnesses Custom Vision for sustainable mining practices.
  • Create inclusive apps: With Computer Vision and Immersive Reader, your camera becomes an inclusive tool that turns pictures into spoken words for low vision users.
  • Build conversational experiences for your customers: Give your bot the ability to interact with your users with Azure Cognitive Services. See how LaLiga, the Spanish men’s soccer league, engages hundreds of millions of fans with its chatbot using LUIS, QnAMaker, and more.

It’s easy to get started

1. Create an Azure free account.

2. Visit the Azure portal to deploy services.

3. Find step-by-step guidance for deploying Cognitive Services.

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