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Just one month ago, we announced our increased investment in Terraform. It is amazing to see the progress we have already made together with HashiCorp and the Terraform community. In the last month alone, we added support for Azure Container Instances and Azure Event Grid to the Terraform provider. Today at HashiConf, I announced native Terraform support built-in to the Azure Cloud Shell. I also announced 8 verified Azure Modules as part of the Terraform Module Registry launch. Now is a great time for you to try Terraform on Azure.

Terraform Module Registry

HashiCorp just announced their Terraform Module Registry, allowing Users to generate Terraform modules that represent infrastructure topologies that can then be expressed on the cloud platform of their choice. I am pleased to announce that there are 8 Azure Modules available in the Terraform Registry at launch including Load Balancer, Virtual Network, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Virtual Machines, Azure SQL, Consul and Vault.


As I demonstrated on stage, with these modules, you should be able to deploy complex topologies in an easy way on Azure.

Terraform in the Azure Cloud Shell

We want to make it incredibly easy for you to get started with Terraform on Azure. Today, I also announced that Terraform is available to every Azure user directly in the Azure Portal via Azure Cloud Shell.

The Azure Cloud Shell is a browser-based command-line experience that enables bash commands directly in the portal. This shell can run on any machine and any browser. It even runs on your phone, enabling provisioning using Terraform from anywhere your phone can go.

With the shell, any Azure user can start using Terraform in the portal. You have nothing to install. You have nothing to configure. We even authenticate Terraform to your subscription for you!


I am really excited about the progress we’re making with HashiCorp and the Terraform community. Go ahead, try out Terraform in Azure and the new Terraform Module Registry. Tell us what you think! I hope you find these improvements helpful to deploy your services and solutions.

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