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Microsoft Offers Price Reductions on Select Azure Services

Posted on September 25, 2014

Director, Azure Business Planning
As many businesses continue their journey to the cloud, they are increasingly using a variety of different services to build their applications. We understand that economics are a key driver in our customers’ move to the cloud. Today, we are announcing price reductions for a range of Azure services when purchased through our website, effective immediately. Customers buying through Enterprise Agreements will continue to enjoy even lower prices. The table below shows a few examples of the reduction. For a complete list of price reductions, please click here.  
Current Prices New Prices
ExpressRoute NSP (1 Gbps) $12K/month $8.7K/month
BizTalk Services (Standard) $4.03/hour $2.93/hour
Mobile Services (Standard) $199/month $139.99/month
Cache (Basic) $25/month $18/month
  With these changes, we are making it more cost effective to build complete solutions on Azure to leverage the full breadth of our technologies.