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I can’t believe it was only one year ago, at DockerCon, that we announced the first step in our partnership with Docker. While we didn’t quite know it at the time (despite the blog title), this marked a pivotal moment in our evolution.

Since then, in partnership with Docker, we have been working on a broad set of innovations that further empower you to build and run the next great app. This list includes Windows Server Containers, Hyper-V Containers, Docker VM Extensions for Linux on Azure, Docker CLI support on Windows, Compose and Swarm support on Azure, Visual Studio Tooling for Docker, and more. Today as we join more than 2000 attendees at DockerCon North America, we are excited to be taking the next step in our partnership with the following updates and announcements:

  • It’s only fitting that the first ever Windows Server Container was introduced on stage at //build by Docker’s own Ben Golub and that the command which started it was “docker run.” Today, in the DockerCon keynote, Mark Russinovich demonstrated the first ever multi-platform container application. Built, shipped and running using Docker, this container application is the first in the industry to work across both Windows Server and Linux. We want to bring you broad choice and flexibility for building your apps, combining Windows Server and Linux containers with Docker Compose and Docker Swarm, to offer a truly cross-platform experience.
  • At //build we also showed onstage how you can use Visual Studio to publish a .NET application into a Docker container. Today, Mark demonstrated how development teams can use Visual Studio Online to define a customizable continuous integration pipeline to build, unit test, and deploy multiple containers defined using Docker Compose (screenshot below). For enterprises, Visual Studio Online also provides build tasks to deploy to a Docker Trusted Registry to provide a private repository of Docker images. This support will be available in the coming months.



Visual Studio Online Build Definition with Docker Tasks

  • Also, for the first time, we showcased how you can use the Azure Marketplace experience to deploy a single or a multi-container application sourced from an image from Docker Hub using Docker Compose (screen shot below). If you are looking to quickly learn how to deploy Docker on Azure, the Azure Marketplace now has all the solutions you need. It’s just a few clicks…give it a try!

Container Apps

  • We also announced the addition of a Docker Trusted Registry VM image into the Azure Marketplace, offering an enterprise-ready Docker repository, behind the firewall, on an enterprise-ready public cloud!

You may also have seen the Open Container Project (OCP) announcement coming out of DockerCon yesterday. As part of OCP, Microsoft and a broad group of other cloud industry leaders are coming together to create and establish common standards for software containers. We’re totally jazzed about OCP and excited to be part of this project. Look for more to come from this in the coming months.

It has been an amazing ride from last year’s DockerCon to today, working and learning with the Docker community and team. But, the best is yet to come. When we release Docker containers, Docker Swarm, and Docker Compose support on Windows Server, we will bring together customers and community to offer the most complete container experience, spanning tooling, operating system and cloud platform, all so you can deploy cross-platform applications simply and easily. I can barely wait…and we’re just getting started.

As always, let us know if you have any feedback or additional areas we can improve.

See ya around,



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