Skip Navigation brings an ERC-20 token service using Quorum to Azure

Posted on October 24, 2017

Senior Software Engineer, Blockchain Engineering has been hard at work on products to support the enterprise build applications powered by blockchain. This includes driving the web3j group of projects. They have also built a service for creating and managing ERC-20 tokens on top of Quorum. This service, of course, is leveraging web3j, a RESTful service, and Spring Boot.

web3j - connecting Java applications to the Ethereum blockchain

web3j is the core library of the web3j group of projects, which provide open source libraries for working with Ethereum blockchains on the JVM. In addition to Ethereum, there are integrations for Quorum, and the widely-used Spring Boot framework for production-grade applications. sponsors the ongoing development of web3j and other related projects. It is working with a number of financial firms on the development of their blockchain applications and provides both support and training for enterprises wishing to work with Ethereum and Quorum. To get started with web3j, check out the official documentation.

ERC-20 token service

The service provides a well-documented API that users can use to interact and use the service, making it trivial to build a solution using the industry standard for digital tokens.


As users continue to build systems powered by the enterprise-class blockchains such as Quorum, the additions of services, such as this token service, help to speed up delivery of these next-generation applications. To get started using this service, create an instance from the Azure Marketplace. A detailed walkthrough is available to help users get started with the offering.