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Azure preparedness for weather events

Posted on September 12, 2018

Partner Engineering Manager, Azure CXP

Updated on Sept 17, 2018: While the devastating storms have passed, many families and individuals were impacted by the storms’ destruction. We want to send our warmest wishes and thoughts to those affected by Hurricane Florence and Typhoon Mangkhut and we hope for a quick recovery. While the Azure infrastructure in Southeast Asia and Eastern US was not impacted, we will continue to monitor for any emerging issues.

Sept 12, 2018: As Hurricane Florence, and now Typhoon Mangkhut, continue their journey to the East Coast of the US and SE Asia respectively, our thoughts are with those in its path. Please stay safe. We’re actively monitoring Azure infrastructure in the region. We at Microsoft have taken all precautions to protect our customers and our people.

Our datacenters (US East, US East 2, US Gov Virginia, and East Asia) have been reviewed internally and externally to ensure that we are prepared for this weather event. Our onsite teams are prepared to switch to generators if utility power is unavailable or unreliable. All our emergency operating procedures have been reviewed by our team members across the datacenters, and we are ensuring that our personnel have all necessary supplies throughout the event.

As a best practice, all customers should consider their disaster recovery plans and all mission-critical applications should be taking advantage of geo-replication.

Rest assured that Microsoft is focused on the readiness and safety of our teams, as well as our customers’ business interests that rely on our datacenters. 

You can reach our handle @AzureSupport on Twitter, we are online 24/7. Any business impact to customers will be communicated through Azure Service Health in Azure portal.

If there is any change to the situation, we will keep customers informed of Microsoft’s actions through this announcement.

For guidance on Disaster Recovery best practices see references below: