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Migrate your IaaS resources to Azure Resource Manager by 1st March 2023

Published date: 28 February, 2020

Because Azure Resource Manager now has all the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capabilities of Azure Service Management and new advancements, we will retire classic IaaS VMs on 1st March 2023.

If you use IaaS resources from ASM, please complete your migration by 1st March 2023. We encourage you to make the switch sooner to take advantage of these feature enhancements in Azure Resource Manager:

  • Enables deploying complex applications through templates.
  • Includes scalable, parallel deployment for virtual machines into availability sets.
  • Provides lifecycle management of compute, network and storage independently.
  • Enables security by default with the enforcement of virtual machines in a virtual network.

How does this affect me?

Beginning today, customers who are not currently using classic IaaS VMs, will not be able to create new classic VMs.

Beginning 1st March 2023, customers who are using classic IaaS VMs will no longer be able to start any classic IaaS VMs using ASM. Any remaining VMs in a running or stopped-allocated state will be moved to a stopped-deallocated state.

The following Azure services and functionality will NOT be impacted by this retirement: Cloud Services, storage accounts NOT used by classic VMs and virtual networks (VNets) NOT used by classic VMs.

What actions should I take?

To avoid service disruption, migrate your IaaS resources from classic IaaS VMs to Resource Manager by 1st March 2023. We recommend migrating sooner to start using the feature enhancements in Resource Manager.

Learn more about the classic IaaS VM retirement.

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