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General availability: Seamlessly upgrade your Application Gateway V2 WAF configuration to a policy

Published date: May 16, 2023

Azure’s regional Web Application Firewall (WAF) on Application Gateway now supports a fully automated experience when upgrading your WAF from a configuration to a policy. WAF policies offer you multiple benefits over WAF configurations including:

  • Richer feature set: Advanced features like newer managed rule sets, custom rules, per rule exclusions, bot protection rules, and more.
  • Higher scale and performance with our next generation WAF engine.
  • Simplified management experience: WAF policy allows you to define your WAF setup once, and share it across multiple gateways, listeners, and URL paths.
  • Latest features: you can keep up to date with the latest features and enhancements.

To learn how to upgrade your WAF from a configuration to a policy, visit the regional WAF documentation.

Going forward, no further investments will be made on the legacy WAF configuration. You are strongly encouraged to upgrade from legacy WAF configuration to WAF Policy at no additional cost and with zero-down time.

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