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Azure Storage 200 TB block blob size is now in preview

Published date: 30 June, 2020

Azure Blob storage provides massively scalable object storage for workloads including application data, HPC, backup and high-scale workloads. We have increased the maximum size of a single blob from 5 TB to 200 TB, now available in preview.

The increase in blob size better supports use cases from seismic data processing to genomics that require support for multiple TB object sizes.

To support the 200 TB blob size, we are increasing the maximum allowable block size from 100 MiB to 4,000 MiB and maintaining support for up to 50,000 blocks in a single blob. The 200 TB blob size is available for preview in all Azure public regions with hot, cool, archive and premium tiers. There are no billing changes. 

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