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Weather Services, Power Bi Integration, Azure Government Cloud are now in preview

Published date: 04 November, 2019

Weather Services (in partnership with Accuweather), the integration of Azure Maps into Power BI and the availability of Azure Maps on Gov Cloud for Government customers are all now in preview.

Weather Services

 Seamlessly integrate weather data into your applications and enable weather-based decisions with Weather Services as part of the Azure Maps API (in preview). As weather is a critical factor for so many companies – whether it’s to ensure the safety of mobile assets, to optimise precipitation dependent operations such as construction, to predict risk and assess claims in the insurance industry, or to maximise sales for seasonal retail – the ability to accurately plan for weather-related business impacts in a timely manner will be vital to allowing these businesses to maintain profitability and keep an edge on competitors.  

Azure Maps integration into Power BI

The integration of Azure Maps into Power BI (in preview) enables non-developers to work with Azure Maps through Power BI. Azure Maps provides developers from all industries powerful geospatial capabilities, packed with the freshest mapping data available to provide geographic context to web and mobile applications. Azure Maps is an Azure One API-compliant set of REST APIs accompanied by both web and Android SDKs to make development easy, flexible and portable across multiple platforms. As it’s an API, the primary audience for Azure Maps has always been developers. With the integration of Azure Maps into Power BI, non-developers can now work with Azure Maps through Power BI.

Azure Government Cloud

Azure Government Cloud represents a massive opportunity for Azure Maps. As of now, there’s high demand for Azure Maps in Azure Governnment Cloud. Azure Government Cloud represents a differentiator for Azure Maps as the process to onboard is quite challenging, requires specific compliance, and there are no other maps providers available through Azure.

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