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Azure Storage – Routing preferences now generally available

Published date: 10 March, 2021

Routing preference for Azure Storage provides you with the flexibility to choose how network traffic is routed between clients outside Azure and your storage accounts by optimising for exceptional network reliability and performance or by optimising for lower costs. You now have the choice to direct network traffic to the public endpoint of your storage account using the “Microsoft global network” or over the “Public Internet”. The Microsoft global network delivers exceptional network reliability with premium performance, while using your ISP network may help achieve cost efficiency.

By default, and to date, network traffic between clients outside Azure and the storage account always uses the Microsoft global network. You can change the routing preference configuration for the default public endpoint to the ISP network for storage accounts in major Azure regions where the feature is available. In addition, you now have the ability to publish additional route-specific endpoints for your storage accounts. These route-specific endpoints will always route traffic between clients outside Azure and the storage account over the appropriate path.

Your Internet egress pricing for data transfers out of Azure Storage will now depend on this configuration.

Routing over the Microsoft global network

The Microsoft global network is one of the largest networks on the globe that currently spans over 165,000 fibre miles with over 180 edge points of presence (POPs). Our network is well provisioned with multiple redundant fibre paths and traffic engineered intelligently to ensure exceptionally high reliability and performance. Internet traffic enters and exits the Microsoft network at the POP closest to the client to provide optimised network experience (cold potato routing).

Routing via the transit ISP network

The new competitive egress tier minimises traversal over the Microsoft global network and maximises traversal over the transit ISP network. Internet traffic enters and exits Microsoft network at the POP closest to your storage account’s region (hot potato routing).

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