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Public preview: Azure NetApp Files standard storage with cool access

Published date: October 25, 2023

The standard storage with cool access preview program provides the ability to configure a standard capacity pool with cool access. The cool access feature moves cold (infrequently accessed) data transparently to Azure storage account to help you reduce the cost of storage. Throughput to and from the volume remains the same for the standard storage enabled with cool access. However, there can be a difference in data access latency as data blocks might be tiered to Azure storage account.  

The standard storage with cool access feature provides options for the “coolness period” to optimize the network transfer cost, based on your workload and read/write patterns. This feature is provided at the volume level. 

During preview this feature is available in regions:  



Central India  

Canada central  

Australia East  





Canada East.  

We will continue to add regions as the preview progresses.


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