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Generally available: Azure Monitor log alerts new version

Published date: January 20, 2022

This new version (version 2021-08-01) brings several exciting new features including:

  • Resource-centric alerting (supported for all resource types in Azure)
  • Rules management at-scale (optional paging for subscriptions and/or resource groups with more than 6000 alert rules)
  • A wizard-based alert rule creation experience

The new API and experience were co-developed with some of our largest customers, addressing much feedback, and making the management and consumption of log alerts easier than ever before.

With the release of generally available API version 2021-08-01, we will be begin charging for alert rules created using the preview versions starting 30 November 2021. Learn more about Azure Monitor log alerts pricing.

To avoid service disruption, we encourage you to update any Azure Resource Manager templates that use preview API versions of the Microsoft.Insights/ScheduledQueryRules resource type to generally available version by 31 January 2022. There are no changes to the template format from the 2021-02-01-preview API version, other than the version used.

Learn more here.

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