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Custom Translator upgrade and Regional data residency

Published date: 03 August, 2020

Custom Translator (a Microsoft Translator feature) has updates, bug fixes, improvements and new and refreshed models for August 2020. 

Custom Translator service upgrade provides Microsoft Translator’s state-of-the-art neural machine translation (NMT) architecture, the same architecture that powers translation for Microsoft services such as Office 365, Teams, Speech Services and Bing Translator, along with other services. We are also enabling regional data residency so that you can keep your data or your customer data in the region of your choice in order to meet your corporate data security, data privacy and regulatory requirements. 

Improvements and changes 

  1. We’ve added regional data residency to provide you with the ability to keep data in the Azure region you selected when you created your Translator resource. 
  2. We’ve improved the translation quality of dictionary-only models by adding the ability to customise our standard Translator models with a dictionary document type for all languages in the list below*.
    • This feature is only enabled when you train models with dictionary documents type (phrase dictionary, sentence dictionary or both).
    • If you have trained a dictionary only models, your models will be auto-upgraded free of charge with zero downtime deployment. You will receive an email from after your model has been upgraded.  


*Language pair list

Source language Target language
Arabic (Saudi Arabia) English
Assamese  English
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) English
Bangla (Bangladesh) English
Czech (Czech Republic)      English
Danish (Denmark) English
German    English
Greek (Greece) English
English     Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
English     Bulgarian (Bulgaria)
English     Bangla (Bangladesh)
English     Czech (Czech Republic)
English     Danish (Denmark)
English     German
English     Greek (Greece)
English     Spanish (Spain)
English     Estonian (Estonia)
English     Finnish (Finland)
English     French
English     Irish (Ireland)
English     Gujarati (India)
English     Hindi (India)
English     Croatian (Croatia)
English     Hungarian (Hungary)
English     Armenian (Armenia)
English     Italian (Italy)
English     Japanese (Japan)
English     Georgian (Georgia)
English     Kazakh (Kazakhstan)
English     Kannada (India)
English     Korean (Korea)
English     Lithuanian (Lithuania)
English     Latvian (Latvia)
English     Malayalam (India)
English     Marathi (India)
English     Maltese (Malta)
English     Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway)
English     Dutch (Netherlands)
English     Punjabi (India)
English     Polish (Poland)
English     Portuguese (Brazil)
English     Portuguese (Portugal)
English     Romanian (Romania)
English     Russian (Russia)
English     Slovak (Slovakia)
English     Swedish (Sweden)
English     Tamil (India)
English     Telugu (India)
English     Thai (Thailand)
English     Turkish (Turkey)
English     Chinese (People’s Republic of China)
Spanish (Spain)     English
Finnish (Finland)        English
French       English
Irish (Ireland)     English
Gujarati (India)     English
Hindi (India)      English
Croatian (Croatia)     English
Hungarian (Hungary)    English
 Italian (Italy)        English
Japanese (Japan)      English
Georgian (Georgia)     English
Kazakh (Kazakhstan)     English
Korean (Korea)     English
Lithuanian (Lithuania)        English
Malayalam (India)     English
Marathi (India)     English
Maltese (Malta)   English
Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway)    English
Dutch (Netherlands)      English
Odia (India) English
Punjabi (India)     English
Polish (Poland)      English
Portuguese (Brazil)     English
Romanian (Romania)     English
Russian (Russia)     English
Slovak (Slovakia)      English
Swedish (Sweden)     English
Tamil (India)      English
Telugu (India)      English
Thai (Thailand)     English
Turkish (Turkey)       English
Urdu (Islamic Republic of Pakistan) English
Chinese (People’s Republic of China)     English
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