Azure Monitor classic alerts retirement date extended to 31 August 2019

Posted on 21 May 2019

We first announced the plan to deprecate classic alerts in October of 2018. Since then, we have started rolling out a voluntary migration tool to allow you to migrate your classic alert rules on your own before the forced migration. 

However, the roll-out of migration tool has been slower than we expected. We know the importance of monitoring and alerting for our customers and have been very careful in providing a tool that allowed you to migrate classic alerts with very little disruption to your monitoring.  

Since the roll-out has been delayed, we want to provide you with two additional months so that you can move the classic alert rules voluntarily at a time of your choosing. The classic alerts retirement date which was originally announced to be on 30 June 2019 will now be 31 August 2019.  After August 31st, 2019, we will start the automatic migration process for any customers who haven’t voluntarily migrated. Please note that certain classic alerts which cannot be migrated using the tool, will continue to work as classic alerts till June 2020 and will need to be migrated manually.  

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