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Azure Machine Learning updates--November 2020

Published date: November 11, 2020

Azure Machine Learning has the following updates:

      • Triton (Preview): The new high-performance inferencing offering with Nvidia Triton integrates with Azure Machine Learning so you have turnkey access to a multi-framework, multi-model serving stack that can handle thousands of requests per second at a fraction of the cost of a traditional serving stack.
      • Managed Identities (Preview): You can now configure Azure Machine Learning workspaces in a trustworthy manner.
      • Azure Machine Learning Terminal (Preview): You can now perform any CLI operation directly in the Azure Machine Learning studio.
      • Automated ML Custom Featurization (General Availability): Custom featurization for forecasting tasks has been enabled so you can choose which features to use for training, to impute missing data points, and to specify data types for your features.

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