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Microsoft open sources Retina: A cloud-native container networking observability platform

Published date: March 19, 2024

As containerized applications become larger and more intricate, managing them in the cloud presents an increasingly significant challenge. And traditional tools often lack the ability to effectively observe and analyze network data. Hence, to address these challenges Microsoft's Azure Container Networking team has designed Retina to address these mounting challenges by providing  a comprehensive network observability solution for cloud-native applications. Below listed are some of the benefits of using Retina:

  • Provides actionable network insights for cloud-native applications: Retina offers users a way to see how their containerized microservices interact on the network, helping them troubleshoot issues like latency, packet drops and many more.
  • Non-intrusive and easy to use: Retina works with existing applications without requiring any code changes and provides users simple ways to observe and troubleshoot network issues.
  • Supports diverse environments: Designed to be adaptable, Retina works seamlessly with any CNI's, OS, or cloud provider, making it a valuable tool across different environments.

To learn more visit our Retina page.

Read the announcement blog.

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